Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Old Projects, and 1 New One

First up are some silly little decorative plaques I made several years ago; they're constructed of styrofoam and papier-mache, with all of the surfaces done in modelling compound.

The fleur-de-lys (top) and heart (below) are styrofoam Christmas ornaments. Other parts include glass mosaic tiles and wood mouldings.

I love the top ledge of this one; I made it from a Scrabble tile-holder. The design was made by loading up a stencilling template with modelling compound.

My desk nameplate at work is also made using Scrabble tiles and a tile-holder.

These next pieces are a bit odd. I'm not entirely sure that I'm finished with them, which usually means that, uh, hey, I'm not finished.

Several years ago I found a box of model railroad boxcar sides; they're all printed on cardboard. And even though I'm not a model railroader (I love to look at them, though), I was knocked out by the cool graphics. I love vintage signs and advertising, so I plunked down the cash (not a lot!) for the whole box. Then reality set in: what the heck do I do with them?

I'd offer them on eBay, but I've never seen anything like them anywhere; I don't know if they have any value to anyone who isn't a paper collage person.

So... they're cool, they're colorful. I got a wild hair and Mod Podged them to a couple of blank canvases I had laying around. I still have metric craploads of the things left.

Again, I don't think this one is done; I feel like it needs something else. Like a print mounted on top or something. Or artwork painted over the top. I don't know. It's cool, but it doesn't suit my house, at least not yet.

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