Monday, February 23, 2009

Not related to crafts, but WHOA!!!

I read about this Garnier Nutritioniste Eye Roller on a make-up blog, and thought I'd look into it next time I was at Target or the drugstore; for $12 and change, if it sucks, I'm not out a wad of cash.

Bought it yesterday, and rolled some under my eyes. Put it on this morning before moisturizer/sunscreen.

Less than an hour later my puffy under-eye area was so de-puffed that I actually had to do a double take. Significant difference.

Girls, this stuff is the shiz. And for the sake of clarifcation, neither I nor any of my close associates are affiliated or receiving compensation from Garnier or its holdings blah blah blah. And YMMV, but this is the best problem-correcting cosmetic I've ever used. And this after less than 24 hours.

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