Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Doll

This is BabySup Supia Seron; I haven't got a name for her yet. Isn't she an adorable little thing? She's all of 5" tall.

I found the cradle for her on eBay, and it fits perfectly. And then I made the mattress for the cradle, the little quilt, the pillow and her bonnet.

It's my second doll quilt, and much better than my first; I'm sure I could get better results if I, you know, followed a pattern or something. But most of my recent sewing projects have been winging it.

Oh, yeah! I bought a new sewing machine! It's my first new sewing machine EVER! All of my others have been hand-me-downs that were 20+ years old. This one is the Brother 5000, Project Runway version, and it is an absolute dream to work with! Thin fabrics are a bit of a challenge, though, and I need to buy a walking foot for it.

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