Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

This delightful little face belongs to one of my Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. She was handmade by an artist called Fancyboots, and her sculpt is called Liebchen. I call her Paloma, because she reminds me of a little dove.
I've been on 5 days of annual leave from work (Bliss!!!), and while a good portion of it was spent shopping and spending time with my daughter on her Spring Break, I also got some "me" time. Lots of creative projects completed, lots of recharging of the old batteries.

One interest that came back with a vengeance is my interest in my dolls; they've essentially been sitting by, ignored, for a while, and it's been a joy to rediscover them.
Paloma again, in a different wig. One of the neat things about ABJDs is that each one is customizable, so conceivably no one in the world can have the same doll. Different eyes, different wig, and a different "face-up" (paint job), and they can become any character you can dream up. Paloma is 43cm tall.

And today, I followed a tutorial in Craftzine's blog for patching jeans. These are my daughter's beloved Levi's, after I patched them with some denim from one of my husband's worn out pairs of jeans, stitched back and forth with different colors of thread.
The hole was too big for an iron-on patch (one that she would wear, anyway; they had a Disney Princesses one that was large enough, but she gave me the Patented 13-Year-Old Glare of Doom).
And now she can wear her jeans without her kneecap falling out, without looking like the ragpicker's child, and it's actually kind of cool and looks intentional.

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  1. What a beautiful doll. It's amazing how much difference the wig color makes -- I think the black wig makes for an especially stunning look.

    Great patch job on the jeans -- much cooler than an iron-on patch ;).