Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tea Towel Murder: Tomato

After seeing lovely and wonderful embroidery patterns with happy -- or at worst sneering -- fruits and veg, I wondered if perhaps some of those happy pieces of produce might be hiding a dark (and mushy) side.
Every one of you saying "Aw, poor tomato"... you don't know. Maybe, just maybe, he had it coming.
This idea presented itself fully-fleshed and dripping with tomato sauce, and it made me giggle. Three weeks later and I'm still giggling.
Clearly I am a sick, sick woman.
More Tea Towel Murders to come.
I sublimate my rage through needlework. ;-)

Mea culpa... I just realized that I got my "original" idea for this project from here, "Kitchen Calamities" by Kristin Mary. No disrespect intended; I loved the series when I first saw it, and even gushed over how cool it is. And then I woke up to a new world and thought my idea was mine alone.
Color me crushed. :'(

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